The fallacy of the fall

The walls and the windows
The bare stairs
The streets for a retreat
A fallacy to fall for
The design of desire

#sketch #landscape #abstractart #pencildrawing #art #findingmoon #waiting #painting #lightandshade #scribble


परछाइयाँ वो पल पल की
के हो कतरा कतरा,
हवा में मिले हवा जैसे।

लिखो कुछ आज पानी से
जले कुछ आब आंखों में।

Getting off the feet.

This morning, like most days, I didn’t reach out to the coffee pot and roasts. Instead, the eyes rested on Rosemary and mint jars. Pronto, I boiled some water and steeped in the dry leaves.

Quite a potent mix I must say. It led me to WordPress on my phone, and here I am juggling around already and punching in my first post. And you know what? can’t seem to add a picture.